Thursday, September 14, 2006

Grocery Shopping - the whole story

Today was Jack's first time sitting in the front of the grocery buggy. Stop yawning - this is a big deal in our family! Brenna was promoted to sitting in the back and helping stack the groceries and Levi, as always, was walking beside me (or running or hopping but at least staying out of the way). Things were going well. Jack loves his grocery seat cover. It kept him occupied the whole time and I only paid $4 for it! Brenna was sitting comfortably on a pack of Kroger brand pullups (which have velcro sides like the expensive ones) and stacking the boxes. I kept having to remind Levi though to watch where he was going. He'd turn around to talk to me and bump into one thing after another. Just as I was saying "Levi, please, for the hundredth time, be careful. If you bump into that tower of cans it will fall," well, what do you think happened? That's right. I ram the buggy right into a big old center aisle display of @L Sprites. Four cases (that's 24 bottles, folks) come crashing to the ground. It was such a cartoons-come-to-life kind of moment. But my precious son was very chivilrous about it. "That's alright, mom, it was just an accident. You can't help you weren't watching where you were going." :( He helped me pick up all the bottles (boy, I hope whoever buys those has a long ride home). He's a good kid.


Dawn C said...

LOLOLOL Ok, so how does this go with Pride goes before a fall???? (sniggling behind my hand)

You know, way back when, when I used to work at a grocery store, we had the same thing happen. Mom telling little guy to watch where he's going, she runs into the end cap of Kraft Bacon and Tomato dressing. 18 boxes with 24 bottles per box all come tumbling to the ground. You know, just talking about it still raises bile in my throat. The smell of it will literally make me sick. LOL

Shannon said...

Amen! What really got me was Levi - he was just so nice about it! :)

MicheleinNZ said...

Our supermarket has carts with room for two kids, which is great. Yesterday I was at the store and had stopped to look at some laundry detergent and the display just in front of my trolley (which I wasn't even touching!) fell down. It wasn't a huge mess but everyone looked at me like I was to blame. It wasn't me!!

Shannon said...

Well, I'm glad I'm not the only one being stared at:) Our store has buggies with two seats too - they're in the shape of trucks and they're horrible to try to steer. I've been letting the older two ride in those a lot with Jack in the babywrap, but I think we'll mostly save those for special days from now on.