Monday, January 30, 2006

Colds/Flu strikes the Miller home

This is a lousy time for us to get sick, but sick is what we are. Levi's on the upswing from full on flu - including all the fun stomach symptoms. Casey and Brenna have colds with coughs and baby and I are just stuffed up. I think we'll all survive, but with Casey working overtime I sure am having some sleepless nights. The irony is that I've only left the house 2 times since we've been home in an effort to keep Jack from catching anything and we still got sick. All this cabinfever for nothing!
But it could be so much worse. My friend's baby, born 4 days before Jack, is having surgery today for a stomach problem. I can only imagine the pain of watching a tiny baby struggle with a serious problem like that. The heel sticks to check Jack for jaundice were traumatic for me - I can't imagine IVs and surgery. If y'all will, I know she'd really appreciate prayer for little Luke.
So we're recovering - hopefully enough to avoid the doctor's office, which is where I think this came from. Is it any wonder I try to stay out of there?


Meredith said...

Bless your heart! I hope you all feel better soon.

Holly said...

Shannon, I hope you all feel better soon, too. I was very sorry to hear that you all were sick. :( It is just WRONG to be sick with a new baby.

I am praying for you. And you know what THAT can do. :)

Shannon said...

Thank y'all both:) Holly - keep up that prayer, it's working! God reminded me yesterday (how forgetful I am when a new baby comes a long!) of the hydrogen peroxide *trick* my granny taught me - pouing it into each ear and letting it bubble. It works wonders on my symptoms (stuffy head, sore throat, etc). Isn't it wonderful how He comes along and whispers in your ear sometimes?