Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Being a mom is a big job all by itself. Even just raising one child - feeding them healthy food, seeing that they're educated, involved in appropriate activities, making sure that they grow and develop at the rate they should, all the various appointments involved, making sure they get enough love and attention - well it takes a lot of brainpower. Multiply that by four. And factor in a husband with scheduling issues ( to put it mildly!). Add in homeschooling, church, and trying to run a house. No wonder I'm tired:) It doesn't leave much time for deep thought. Or any thought for that matter, which is why posting here is so random. It isn't that we aren't doing interesting things, I just don't have time to blog about them.
I do seem to have especially a lot on my plate right now...Christian is teething (the first one is through! yeah! please no one remind me how many more to come!). Levi is also having some dental issues so we're finding a dentist. Fun. Can you feel my dread? I hate the dentist. Speaking of Levi, he's finishing up everything I had planned for kindergarten already, but I hate to lose the momentum we finally have going so we're starting on some new stuff. And the kids have started Kids Club at church on Wednesday nights, which is fun, but really messes up our evening routine. And there is red crayon melted on about 1/4 of the clothes we own - any ideas? And I'm trying to rearrange the grocery budget since groceries have gone up right along with gas. The church library I started is still sitting in my garage. And the garden (how can I be behind already?!). Plus Easter!
Okay, I've got to stop there. I'm getting tired just thinking about all that. Actually, I'm going to have to scratch some of that. I just realized as I was typing it out (and that is only a partial list!) just how nuts it is to try to do all that with four little ones. No wonder I haven't been anticipating Easter like I want to. Who's had time to think about it! So I'm off to look at my to do list and see what should be cut and what should be postponed. Then I'm getting out the Easter stuff!


NeedANap2 said...

Praying you'll be able to fully consider the Easter season, both heart and mind (reminds me I need to too!). I've found life is crazy lately with 4 little ones. Not sure if we're going to make it, especially since we're putting our house up for sale (still in planning/preparing stage) - keeping it clean?? Hmm, definitely going to take WORK.

Shannon@Idylwild said...

I don't even want to imagine trying to sell the house. That would drive me right over the edge! Thank you for the prayers! Last Easter was so precious because we really focused ourselves - it sort of snuck up this year, but I so want to celebrate this year!
Thanks for stopping by, by the way!