Tuesday, June 12, 2007

My brain is feeling a little more energetic...

now if only my body would follow suit. Nothing appears to be especially wrong with me, except that I'm slightly anemic, and I'm, you know, pregnant. But I'm trying to take full advantage of my new mental clarity by at least figuring out what I would like to get done before Baby gets here. Hubby's time off is very limited these days so I need to be organized about the things I need his help with and our pastor's precious daughter is going to keep the kiddies for me a couple of times this summer so I'll need to know what to do with all that freetime!
One big important thing is getting the kids' rooms switched around. Right now Levi has his own room with a double bed which is also the guest room if we have company. Brenna and Jack share a room with a toddler bed and a crib. We're changing things around a bit though so that Brenna will have the double bed in her room and the baby will (eventually) have the crib in there with her. Levi and Jack will have bunk beds in Levi's room. Lifting a toddler in and out of a crib is a big no-no after you have a c-section so I really want to have all of this done before hand!
I'm also really trying to cook some double batches for the freezer. Last time I got so sick of chicken fingers and pizza! Friends from church do usually bring dinners and my mom will be here for about a week, but Casey does not cook. I'm not sure when he forgot how, when we were dating he cooked all the time. Of course when we were dating I shaved my legs everyday so.... I don't really complain:)
I'm going to be organizing and stocking the laundry room too. It's downstairs (stairs are another no-no when you have a c-section) so I'll be taking full advantage when anyone volunteers to help out with Mt Washmore. Casey is actually great with getting the laundry done. He doesn't finesse it like I do, though, so I'll be keeping Shout upstairs to treat stains when they happen. Also, I need to get the kids clothes all in order. I usually keep play clothes and jammies in a drawer and more presentable clothes hanging in the closet. I had not mentioned that arrangement to Casey last time and he brought the kids to the hospital in play clothes and pajama shirts. I know that's hardly worth mentioning, especially in light of the fact that he did an incredibly fantastic job with them. They were clean, well fed, and had so much fun that I don't think they missed me at all. And the house was spotless when I got home! But it won't hurt anything to lay out a few outfits ahead of time:)
That's the first few things I've thought of. I'm sure I'll come up with lots more over the next twelve weeks. If you have a fabulous tip that helped you survive in the hospital or during those first few weeks at home, I'd love to hear them!


Anonymous said...

I had my 4th c-section in May (thankful we DON'T have steps), our son was still in the crib so we ended up just pulling the mattress onto the floor until we can buy a toddler bed (ran out of time!). Baby is in our room on the bassinet level of the pack-n-play. Just try to plan out as much as you can, it sounds like you're already doing a lot. We set up our son's booster seat at the table (we usually keep it in the minivan and he uses the highchair inside). We've tried to arrange everything so I don't have to lift him. I put our little step stool into the minivan so he can climb in and out of his car seat. Make a written plan (if needed) and let someone else know where it is (what clothes the kids are to wear, where they are, cleaning schedule and info, etc.). Call your pediatrician so you know when the baby will need appts (not that you can schedule them but at least you'll have an idea).


Shannon@Idylwild said...

Jennifer - I definitely need to get a few more step stools to spread around the house! That's a great plan. We have so many different "helpers" while I'm in the hospital so writing things down is a very good idea. Now if I can just get off the couch long enough to get some things accomplished:)

Maggie said...

I hope everything is falling into place, I will keep you in my prayers.

Dawn C said...

Hey Darlin,

Here's the deal - when I got sick with the last two babies, I SUCKED down lemon water. Something about the lemon water REALLY REALLY helped.

As for the energy - how much chlorophyll are you taking? What about B complex? I bet we can get you a bit more energy. :)

Praying you are SOON feeling stronger!

Shannon@Idylwild said...

The lemon water is very helpful - when I remember to buy lemons! I got chlorophyll in capsuls and I usually remember to take two or 4 a day. I think I will try increasing that. I always get busy and forget, then I wind up so yucky feeling that I can't seem to remember anything! The lack of energy and nausea seem to hit me in cycles - I have a rough week or two and then a good week:)