Wednesday, June 28, 2006

WFMW: Church Bags

In an effort to get our Sundays running a little more smoothly, I've designated a separate bag to take to church. It holds the Bible I take to church (not the same one I use at home so it doesn't have to leave the bag), the usual baby stuff, interesting stuff to keep the kids quiet in an emergency and anything I might need to take with me that Sunday (the recipe someone asked for or an alabaster box - stuff like that). Nothing spectacular. The usefulness of this is that the bag is only for church, has everything we need for church, and is repacked right after church and not touched again until we're on our way back to church. When you go to church three (or more) times a week and need the same things everytime, it is a big help to know that they're all ready to go. I also usually keep the kids' Sunday School offering in this bag (their little church Bibles are in there too)and hand it all out in the parking lot, but Brenna got the cutest little dressy straw pocketbook for her birthday the other day and it is just the right size for her Bible and offering so now her purse stays packed and ready inside my bigger bag until we get there.
It might not be a necessity for everyone, but it sure WORKS FOR ME! Make sure you check out all the other fabulous ideas at the other Shannon's site!


Maggie said...

When my kids were little we too had a Church bag. It was small, but it held a few "Church" books, tissues, etc. I almost wish we had one now. Our Church has a little activity booklet with word games for the older set or "find the differences picture", mazes, etc. If they forget to bring a pen or pencil they are bugging Mom in the middle of Mass for one.

Barb, sfo said...

We have a Church Bag for our youngest, age 4. It has a pack of tissues, a sport bottle of water, and a few "children's Bible" type storybooks. Sometimes there's a Bible coloring book & a few crayons too. It's a great thing to do.

Pieces said...

Fabulous idea!