Monday, May 01, 2006

This is going to be a very dull post

You've had fair warning:) We've been super busy around here lately and I just haven't had time to think anything interesting. So I should blog about all the stuff we've been doing, right? Only that's not too interesting either. At least not to anyone but me. But since this is my blog I guess I'll blog about it anyway:)
We had elections at church yesterday and I wasn't even nominated for anything. Now I know that they batted my name around (in the past I've been on the board and Sunday School superintendent, etc) but didn't nominate me because I resigned at the end of last year specifically because with small kids I just can't make that kind of commitment. And since that hasn't changed there was no real point in asking me just to have me turn it down. But I miss being *in the know* and helping to make the big decisions. So should I just quit having kids and in a year or two be right back in the thick of things? I think no. Following God's plan for me right now means missing out on some stuff and maybe serving less at church because I'm so busy serving at home. And sometimes when people point that out to me, it hurts my feelings a little bit because, like most humans, I want what I want when I want it. But I just keep reminding myself that there will be plenty of time for all those things I want to do, if that's part of His plan for me, later when motherhood is not quite so demanding.
Also going on lately - some serious homeschool planning. Right now we're working through Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. It's going well. I'm trying not to make it a high pressure thing since my main goal for right now is just to instill a love of learning at home. We're also playing with some math stuff and reading these sample pages from A Child's Geography. Which is fabulous by the way. Also, Levi got a new story Bible for Easter with slightly more in depth stories than the usual babyBibles So we're reading several stories out of that every night. That's been really fun. We've really expanded how much we read together as a family.
I got to go to my first LIFT (that's Ladies In Fellowship Together - have you ever heard such a corny name for a women's ministry group? I might have been the one that came up with that. Either way, we need a cooler name) meeting since before Jack was born. It was great. Things didn't go exactly as planned - something that was only suppose to take a few minutes wound up taking more than an hour - but that's all I'm going to say about that. The night was great for me. Fellowship with other women is something that I never imagined myself *needing* but it is so necessary for me. And these women! They're the best!
Well, that's about all the catching up I have time for right now because Levi wants to do some math worksheets (yeah!) and because he says his water is missing. Like it's this big mystery. So it's Inspector Mom off to search the shelves of the refridgerator. Until next time...


MicheleinNZ said...

Shannon, I totally know what you mean about wanting to be involved at church but realising that right now your priorities lie at home. I had gone on 'maternity leave' from teaching the littlies in Sunday School and went back in March. My husband is a key leader for creative ministries (which includes the worship music) and we were finding it so hard to juggle when I was teaching versus when he was leading worship. We talked about it and I realised that my biggest priority right now is being at home, keeping the house going and supporting DH in his ministries. And now that I've really culled what I do during the week and on weekends, our home is so much more peaceful. I don't feel like I'm rushed off my feet. I miss it sometimes, but as you said, I know that this is for a season of my life. That season may last 15 years, but it's only a season!

Shannon said...

Life does run so much more smoothly whenI'm not trying to squeeze in more than will fit. At the same time, though, some things are important enough that I make some time. I've been very blessed through serving in the church, so it's just a matter of learning to keep my priorities in line. Serving outside my family has to come after serving my family.