Wednesday, April 19, 2006

my 101 in 1001

I saw this idea over at Preschoolers and Peace and it looked like so much fun! I love lists anyway and I always have an ongoing to do list (aka my Master List). But since this is for a longer period of time (about 2 3/4 years) I can put some longer term goals on there and not feel bad when they're still on the list next summer. I started my list yesterday so my finish date will be Jack's third birthday. It's hard to imagine my tiny baby is ever going to be that big:( It was fun to think ahead about putting Levi in scouts and some feild trips we want to go on. I have about 30 things starred that I want to consentrate on over the next three months or so, some of which are pretty easy like growing out my hair to donate. It's growing while I type! I started to add "have another baby" to the list since I hope to within the time frame, but I thought I'd stick to things I have in my power and leave the miracles up to God. If any of y'all have a list, link to it for me in the comments. I'd love to check it out. And one more thing, I was inspired by many of the lists I read so if you see something that looks familiar...well, that's why:) So, in no particular order, here's the list.

1. Pray about our home school goals*
2. have a homeschool planning time
3. Get rid of unwanted hs materials
4. attend hs convention
5. join hslda
6. teach Levi to read
7. start having a regular school time*
8. have a big “starting homeschool” day this fall

Health & Safety
9. buy and take a quality vitamin everyday*
10. put together an emergency/disaster kit
11. put together a first aid kit*
12. serve a raw vegetable or fruit with every meal*
13. get a fire ladder and have a fire drill
14. do a detox after weaning Jack
15. drink only water for a week and see if I feel better*
16. buy and try stevia instead of sugar
17. take Levi to the dentist*
18. exercise 3x a week*
19. use only nontoxic cleansers in the house
20. Lose 60 lbs ( I can’t believe I wrote down the number!)
21. go to bed and get up earlier*

22. Hold a garage sale*
23. Make a family tree and hang it up in the house
24. Decorate the playroom
25. Decorate Mbed and Bath – make it a retreat
26. Get rid of unwanted toys*
27. Decorate the kids’ rooms
28. Fence in the yard
29. clean out my closet and get rid of all the clothes I don’t wear
30. get a new kitchen table and chairs
31. paint scripture on walls*
32. complete my black and white picture frame of all our family
33. decorate patio *
34. invite people over for supper at least 1x every other month*
35. organize storage room to hold outgrown kids’ clothing
36. learn how to make really good biscuits
37. learn how to make a great 14 layer cake
38. have Christmas presents made or bought and wrapped before Dec 1st
39. learn to cook cabbage the way Casey likes
40. put together a list of a months worth of well-liked meals
41. create and follow a workable cleaning schedule
42. make silhouettes of each of the kids to hang up
43. establish a chore chart for kids and use it*
44. keep meals in the freezer to take to people in need
45. pack an emergency diaper bag for the trunk*
46. read or get rid of all unread books
47. Reorganize all my books
48. make a price book for groceries & household stuff
49. grow an herb garden*
50. try once a month cooking
51. Pay off all debt except house

52. sign Levi up for scouts
53. make Easter more meaningful – establish more traditions
54. take the kids to the zoo in Atlanta
55. take the kids to the aquarium in Atlanta
56. swim w/ kids
57. Start Brenna’s pearl necklace*
58. Take the kids to the beach
59. Verbally praise more than verbally correct*
60. teach kids good manners
61. Have a pajama ice cream run
62. Invite Bet to stay with us over the summer*
63. be at Bethany’s high school graduation
64. plan fun things with nieces and nephews
65. start a playgroup in our neighborhood
66. get a playhouse for Brenna
67. have a traditional picnic with Casey and kids

Church Family
68. Encourage someone at church every week*
69. Weekly praise a child that’s not my own
70. start a church library*
71. go to ladies retreat at least once
72. have a cookie decorating party for the kids at church

73. build a basic wardrobe
74. take better care of my skin
75. get teeth whitened
76. buy and wear really good makeup
77. get a cool shorter hairstyle
78. Take care of my nails*

79. Memorize 3 scriptures per week for a month*
80. Pray faithfully for family, church family and friends
81. Finish reading through the Bible
82. establish a daily Bible and prayer time and keep it consistently*

83. pray with Casey every day*
84. Pray for Casey daily (use POAPW)*
85. plan an overnight getaway for me and Casey

86. be an active prayer partner for a volunteer at the pregnancy center*
87. find a way to volunteer at the pregnancy center
88. make shoeboxes at Christmas for the Christmas Child Project
89. sponsor a child
90. grow my hair to donate to Locks of Love*

91. invite another woman over once every other month
92. get to know some neighbors
93. make a will and have it notorized (or whatever to make it official)
94. get a bigger vehicle
95. finish “baby” quilts for all three kids
96. learn more about the Old testament laws/ traditions
97. write something and submit it to be published
98. Write a letter explaining our “quiverfull” philosophy*
99. write 1 letter a month to friends or family
100. Don’t check email on weekends*
101. Catch up on scrapbooks


Lynn said...

Hi Shannon,

I popped over to check out your site. Looks great! I love lists, too, and you have inspired me to start using them again. BTW, my daughter just recently donated her hair to Locks-of-Love, so cool! I also love the birthday flamingos in your yard - hope my 40th, later this summer, is as fun as your 30th. I thought I'd let you know that baby Samuel's middle name will be Glenn, after a dear old uncle. I don't love the name, but I adore Uncle Glenn. :0)


Shannon said...

A yard full of flamingos when I woke up was quite a surprise. Hubby knew I was a little down in the dumps about the big 3-0, but he definitley cheered me up:)
I like the name! We have a real thing for naming kids after favorite relatives. So far we've covered about 9 people with three kids:) And Samuel Glenn has a great ring to it - almost like a place in a fairy tale (there once was a princess from Samuel Glenn...) You'll have to excuse my goofy moos today:) Stop back by any old time! BTW, we're having your onion pizza for supper - I can't wait to try it!

MicheleinNZ said...

You've inspired me Shannon. I'm going to start my list right now! And I went over to Preschoolers and Peace and LOVE her website. Lots of good info.

Shannon said...

Thanks for stopping by! And leave me a link to your list. I'm getting a little addicted to reading them:)

MicheleinNZ said...

I've only got 49 things on my list!! But I'm starting to do some of them already so that's good.
I don't have a blog so I'll send you my list in a PM over on the Choosing Home Forum.
I like reading the other lists too, but in some ways I think "Oh, I'm not as smart as her, or not as spiritual, or not as... (fill in the blank)." I have such high expectations of myself. Bad, Michele, bad!

Shannon said...

I think that too. Thee were some things on other womens lists that just seemed so far *ahead* of where I am that it kind of gives me this sinking feeling - like I'm never going to catch up:( But then I remind myself that this isn't a race and we all have different starting points anyway. I guess I'm just aiming for personal growth:) That's what I think I love the best about this list idea - it's what *I* need to do and I can see when it's done because it's crossed off. I love crossing stuff off:)

Stacy said...

I caught inspiration from Kendra's list over at Preschoolers in Peace, too, and did a mini-version of her idea ("18 in 90") Lotsa fun, this getting things DONE! :)

Shannon said...

I edited to crossoff some things I've completed (although not too many...), but I couldn't figure out how to strikethrough so everything that's done is in red!