Friday, March 31, 2006

The cleanup goes on

I need to get some after pictures up. The toy room is much more organized and the kids are having a much easier time keeping it that way. We still need more (inexpensive) storage though so we're looking into that. But paying bills gets priority so I may be finding ways to make do for a little while longer. What bothers me the most about this room is the blank walls. One wall is largely covered by the computer armoire, but there are two other small walls and one very long wall that sit totally empty. Since the room is completely visable from the living room, I've been hesitant to hang anything, but it's really time. I want something very kid friendly (it is, after all, a playroom) but nice enough for grown ups, too. Any ideas are welcome!


Meredith said...

Shannon, why not hang some of your kids' artwork? Andrew's been bringing home big paintings from school that looked so colorful, I took down all the pictures in his room and hung his instead. Colorful, big, and best of all, free! I think the key is to provide them with big sheets of paper and paint in the colors you want. Three big ones looks a lot better than several small sheets.

Shannon said...

Meredith - I was thinking that, too, but they looked too small on this big wall. Duh, Shannon, get big paper:) Great idea! I think I even have some big poster sized frames some where. Thanks!