Saturday, July 23, 2005

I've had one of those days...

You know, where you're so busy you don't remember to eat until sudden-onset nausea (or for you non-pregnant readers - just a growling stomach). Actually, my whole week was pretty much like that. So now I'm taking a little break. It's almost time to watch the webcast of my mother's graduation ceremony. She's getting her Master's and I couldn't be more proud of her. She's worked so hard for this and I would just dearly love to be there cheering, but this live webcast is a fabulous substitute. Anyway. In the time before that gets started I thought I'd chill out for awhile (does anyone else still say chill out?) and type for a few minutes. One of my friend's recently encouraged me to make a list of things I get excited about so that I'll have something to refer to when I catch myself with a few minutes to spare and no idea what to do with myself:) So I think this will be as good a time as any.
These are things that make me smile or grin or just things I'm enthusiastic about:)

  1. painted toenails
  2. not having to cook
  3. reading to my kids
  4. sweetened condensed milk - cold
  5. historical fiction
  6. brand new contacts
  7. books about cooking - not just pages of recipes
  8. crab legs with melted butter and lemon
  9. blank paper and a new pen
  10. the MOMYS for sale list
  11. the library
  12. the Dollar Store
  13. febreeze
  14. bubble baths
  15. magazines
  16. talking with my hubby over a bowl of ice cream
  17. catalog
  18. my church
  19. girlfriends (this esp. includes my mom, sister and grandmas)
  20. big shady pecan trees
  21. eating a ripe peach

There it is. 21 things that make me happy:)

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